Meet the Team

  • Andrew Alexander


    Andrew comes from a cycling family where his father, mother and brother all cycled. He has been cycling for over 30 years and began his racing career on a BMX. He soon began racing at the age of 14 on the track, time trialling and road racing, taking several medals at national championship level over the years.

    Competitive by nature Andrew nowadays enjoys going back to the basics of cycling and spending time in the saddle and passing on as much encouragement as he can, he is always around to help and give advice so that riders can to get the most from their time spent with Velo Club Europe.

  • Robert Wilson

    Ride Co-ordinator

    Robert Wilson Pic
    Robert or “Boab” as he is more commonly known, is the senior member of the team at Velo Club Europe. He has cycle raced since the late 1970’s and has won Scottish and British championship medals in road racing, time trial, track and mountain bike as well as being placed in the top ten in several world masters’ events. Although he is a competitive racing cyclist, Robert loves touring and has carried his panniers over the Alps and Pyrenees and around New Zealand.
    A qualified Physical Education teacher he is keen to share his knowledge and experience with others.

  • Iain Alexander

    Ride Captain

    Iain Alexander Pic
    Iain has been cycling for close on 37 years, 18 of those years were spent racing at Schoolboy, Junior and Senior levels and in later years has ran several half marathons and has completed in many triathlons.
    Over the last few years Iain has decided to give something back to the sport, and with his wealth of experience on the road and track he can be seen out at the road side or at the Glasgow Velodrome coaching and developing many of the youngsters in his area coming into the sport. He is a believer of making cycling enjoyable and sociable, Iain can always be heard encouraging people and this is what makes him an valued asset within Velo Club Europe.

  • Robert Thayne

    Ride Leader

    Robert Thayne Pic
    Robert comes from a cycling family with his father, four uncles, aunt and cousin all having raced. He started cycling aged 14 and was racing at 15,over those years Robert raced nationally as a schoolboy, junior, senior and now as a veteran and during this time he has had numerous wins and places.
    Robert has a wealth of experience in group riding, encouraging, developing new and experienced riders. Several years ago Robert started a Saturday training group which has grown to be one of the most popular in his home town of Glasgow, it is because of Robert’s enthusiasm that he is a key member in Velo Club Europe

  • Gavin Alexander

    Ride Leader

    Gavin Alexander Pic
    Gavin is the youngest on the team at Velo Club Europe, but he certainly has a lot of experience under his belt. His career started in schoolboy triathlons, competing at British level then turning to specialize in cycle racing. Gavin has shown a natural ability from day one .
    Gavin was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes aged 10 and has battled to never let this affect his daily life. Showing his dedication, ability and results Gavin was taken on by Team Norvo Nordisk Development Team, a UCI registered team who’s riders are all Type 1 Diabetic. After two seasons racing between the UK & America Gavin has came aboard for the spring with Velo Club Europe.

  • Paul Sinnott

    Ride Leader

    Paul Sinnott Pic
    Paul has been a life long friend and riding partner of Andrew’s since their paths crossed at a schoolboy race aged 14. From that time both of them excelled to national championship level , with paul taking many top ten places in junior international races. Nowadays Paul still rides for pleasure and is involved with the sport at a Soigneurs level, over the last few years Paul has worked with many UK teams including, Sigma Sport, Madison Genesis, Neon Velo and currently JLT Condor Mavic.
    Paul’s experience within the cycling world and his light hearted approach to life is one we always look forward to at Velo Club Europe.

  • Laura Gabarro


    Laura Gabarro Pic
    Laura has several years experience in sport therapy, having worked in clinics in Spain, New Zealand and Australia. When laura returned home to Majorca two years ago she decided to start hear own private practice in Alcudia in the north of Majorca. Specialising in treating triathletes, kite and wind surfers, laura understands the demands that cyclists experience. She believes that a combination of massage, yoga and meditation helps athletes to recover and perform to the best of their abilities.

    Laura will be available at most of our camps, upon booking a trip you will be emailed a list of our comprehensive and affordable treatment packages, you are advised to book these as soon as possible as her schedule can fill very quickly.

    Velo Club Europe would like to thank Laura for her assistance in 2015 and her continual work in the year ahead.

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