A Guide to Safe Cycling in Majorca

Safe Cyclist in Majorca

Whether you’re a well-travelled cycle tourer or you’re considering venturing outside your comfort zone and into the unknown, Majorca is a fantastic location for cyclists of all abilities.  Before arriving at Palma de Mallorca airport, make sure that you are familiar with the laws and expectations which will affect your holiday.

Here at Velo Club Europe, we’ve put together some top tips to help you to stay safe on your cycle tour of Majorca:

Always Wear A Helmet

Although the law states that it is only compulsory for cyclists aged 16 years old or less to wear a helmet, pretty much all serious cyclists would agree that cycling without a helmet is unwise.

How can you really enjoy the hairy descents of Sa Colobra without the peace of mind that your head is protected if you misjudge a hairpin bend?

Cycling Two Abreast

Cycling two abreast is legal in Majorca, but remember that there is a time and a place for it.

In general, drivers in Majorca are very patient and considerate of cyclists, but it’s important to maintain this level of respect by being considerate of them in return. Poodling along having a chat and catching your breath is fine but, on narrow winding roads with poor visibility, be extra wary; often it is sensible to remain cycling in single-file – there will be plenty of time to talk to your fellow cyclists when you reach the next cycle café!

Summer Cycling in Majorca

The climate in Majorca is perfect for cycling between February and May, but it’s important to avoid cycling in the midday sun in the hotter summer months.  Cycling is dehydrating and, when you’re not lying on a beach in the sun all day, it can be easy to lose track of the number of hours you have spent exercising in direct sunlight.

Stay hydrated, keep your suncream topped up and consider setting off earlier in the morning so you can afford to take a longer lunch break to sit in the shade and rehydrate before commencing your afternoon’s cycling.

Eat Sensibly

From consuming a hearty breakfast, to making sure you’re always armed with snacks in case you start running low on energy, when you’re planning on being in the saddle all day, plan your meals each day.

If you’re planning a cycle tour of Majorca by yourself, it would be awful if you found yourself at the bottom of a mountain climb, 20 km from your hotel, without enough energy to even cycle on the flat, let alone a huge ascent!  If you’re going to be cycling in a group in Majorca, let’s face it, you don’t want to be the person at the back of the peloton, struggling to keep up.

It’s important to eat little and often, so don’t miss an opportunity to stock up on snacks!  Majorca is well equipped for cyclists and is abundant with cycle cafés, but this is definitely something to prepare for.

Once you arrive at your destination after a day on the saddle, take this as an opportunity to have a feast!  Majorca is very well equipped for cyclists and there are some fantastic eateries such as Tolo’s in Port De Pollenca.

Cycling in Tunnels

There are a number of cycling routes in Majorca which pass through unlit tunnels.  If you’re in the Puig Major area and planning on cycling through the Tramuntana Moutain tunnels, on the old road towards Muro or on the route towards Lloret a Ruberts, it is essential that you have working lights on your bike.

We’d advise that you have working lights on your bike at all times, even if you don’t plan to cycle on unlit tunnel routes or after sunset.  A cycle tour is an adventure and it’s best to be prepared for every potential eventuality!

Bike Hire in Majorca

If you’re planning on hiring a bike in Majorca, as opposed to flying out there with your own, it’s important to know that the brakes on Spanish bikes are the other way round from UK bikes.  On bikes in Majorca, the front brake is controlled on the left, as opposed to the right on UK bikes.  Although it can be tempting to race off in excitement as soon as you have your bike, take some time to get used to it!

Cycling in Numbers

Cycling in Majorca is best enjoyed with company.  Here at Velo Club Europe we organise cycle tours of Majorca which bring together cyclists from all over the country to explore this stunning country.  If cycling in Majorca is new to you, then joining us on our next cycling adventure might be the answer!

To find out more about the trips we’ve got planned, and how to get involved, take a look here.

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