Essentials to Pack for a Cycle Tour of Majorca

Bike on Majorca beach

Whether you’ve never been on a cycle tour before, or you’re an experienced cycle tourer who seems to have forgotten something vital each time you’ve been away, we’ve put together a handy list of cycle tour essentials.  Although this list is tailored to be specific for a cycling trip to Majorca, we’re hoping it will come in handy where ever your travels take you!


It seems obvious, but in all the excitement of packing your brand new cycling tools, it would be awful to get all the way to the airport, train station or ferry terminal then discover that you’ve left it behind!

As with any holiday, don’t forget to make sure your passport is in date!  It is also mandatory for everyone in Majorca to carry photo ID on them at all times.

Travel Insurance

Perhaps you’re a bit of a risk taker and have been away on a few rendezvous without taking out travel insurance, but a cycle tour is not the time to be doing this.

Not only will travel insurance cover any potential medical costs (which, let’s face it, are more likely to incur on a cycling tour than a relaxing beach holiday), but your beloved bike will also be covered.

Remember that a cycle touring holiday will require different insurance from your conventional city break, so do your research and make sure that you’re covered.  Insure and Go offers clear information to help you find the right insurance for your trip, and they have a section specifically for cycle touring travel insurance.

As well as taking out appropriate travel insurance, it’s also wise to print everything off, just in case.

Bag for valuables

Whether you’re planning on carrying all your luggage around in panniers, you’re lucky enough to have the luxury of a support van or you’re going to use a hotel as a base, it’s important to take a separate little bag to carry around your valuables.

We’d advise not letting your passport, bank card, travel insurance documents and cash out your sight, so choosing an appropriate bag is vital.

Wiggle offers a brilliant selection of waterproof bags which will attach securely onto your bike crossbar for easy access.


Don’t even think about cycling down Puig Major without a helmet on your head.  If Team Sky doesn’t do it, you shouldn’t do it.  Nobody will be impressed.

Spare Inner Tubes, A Pump and a Puncture Repair Kit

Ensure that you’re prepared for every eventuality by taking a bicycle pump and puncture repair kit with you on your cycle tour.

Don’t forget to make sure you bring the right bits and pieces for the bike you’re bringing along; it would be a shame to discover a flat tyre after climbing Sa Calobra, and then find you’re unable to enjoy the descent!

Again, Wiggle is a great place to stock up on your cycling essentials.  They even have a great little compact puncture repair kit for 99p!  Take a look here.

Cycling Shorts

Although here at Velo Club Europe we’d like to have an entire wardrobe dedicated to cycle wear, we appreciate that some people may not feel comfortable dressed head to toe in Lycra.  If there is one piece of cycle clothing you cannot manage without, it’s cycling shorts.

Don’t worry, they don’t have to be unflattering! Pro Skins has a superb selection of high-quality cycling clothing to suit every body shape.  Why not take a look?

Proskins Cycling Shorts

Water Bottle

Cycling is thirsty work, especially in sunny Majorca!  If you haven’t installed a water bottle holder on your crossbar, we’d advise that you do this before you leave for your cycle tour.

Sun Cream

Majorca is renowned for its beautiful weather, and what better way to enjoy it than cycle touring!  But being in the sun all day can be dangerous, so it’s important to take precautions and take a high-factor sun cream.


Whether this is a digital camera, a camera on your phone or a GoPro, it would be a shame to visit the stunning scenery in Majorca and return to England without any evidence!

Here at Velo Club Europe we’d advise taking a separate camera, as it’s wise to save as much of your mobile phone battery as possible in case you need to make an emergency call.


Even if you’re only planning on cycling in the Majorcan sun, it’s best to be prepared and take front and back lights for your bike.

There are some routes in Majorca which pass through unlit tunnels, such as the Tramuntana mountains, and to cycle through here is essential that you have lights on your bike.

It wouldn’t do any harm to carry spare batteries for your lights too, just in case.

Cycle Route Map of Majorca

Whether you’re going on an organised cycle tour, or you’re embarking on your own adventure, don’t go without a map.  Getting lost in the middle of a foreign country with a flat tyre, just as it begins to get dark, is not fun.

There are some brilliant cycle maps out there produced by Bike Majorca, which are worth a look.    There are also some great websites such as which you might find useful for your trip.

Majorca Travel Guide

One of the joys of cycle touring is the unique way you can experience a new country, and Majorca is no exception.

Plan your trip and, what better way to do this then starting with a travel guide of Majorca?  Here at Velo Club Europe, we love the Rough Guide to Majorca and Menorca – worth investing in!


Now, this isn’t necessarily an essential, but a Kindle is a brilliant thing to take on a cycle tour.  From your maps to your travel guides, your language book to the latest novel you’re reading, you can take everything with you and still travel light!

Have you organised your cycle tour for this year yet?  Don’t worry, it’s not too late!  Here at Velo Club Europe we still have some spaces left on our next cycle tour of Majorca!  For more information, take a look here.

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