Why do Team Sky, and other major Cycle Clubs, train in Majorca?

Cycle Paths in Majorca

Many top European cycling teams head to coastal Spain during the winter months for their pre-season training; Team Sky, on the other hand, are amongst several teams for whom it has become somewhat of a tradition to take an annual trip to Majorca.

Once describing the Island as a “Scalextric Set for Cyclists” and “a home from home”, Sir Bradley Wiggins is a huge fan of Majorca and has even purchased a family home there.

So what is it about the island that draws professional cyclists in their hundreds, and amateurs in their thousands, to its roads each year?  We have taken a look at some of the key elements that we look for in a cycling trip, to see why Majorca fits the bill.

Easily Accessible

Majorca is easy to reach by plane from over fifteen UK airports, and the journey only takes a couple of hours.  Flights are regular, and not particularly expensive, so it’s easily reached all year round.  On arrival at Majorca, there is even a carousel purely for bikes!

On leaving the airport, most of the buses will happily transport your bike box into the centre of Majorca if you let them know in advance.  Unless of course you’re keen to get on the saddle as soon as you land and find your own way to your hotel!

For more information on flights to Majorca, take a look here.


Majorca is renowned for its welcoming attitude towards cyclists from all around the world.  Cycle friendly hotels are scattered all over the island, offering bike storage and in-house mechanics offering cycle repair services.

Team Sky tend to stay in a hotel in Alcudia, which has easy access to some of the highest altitudes of the island, whilst also being within close proximity to the beach and lively nightlife.

Cycle repair shops are also abundant in Majorca, as are cycle-friendly cafes.


Majorca is a wonderful place to find yourself as a cyclist who has just worked up an appetite.

Tapas are at the heart of Majorcan cuisine and this style of food is a convenient treat for a break off the saddle or a feast in the evening at the end of a long day of cycling.


The roads across Majorca are incredibly well maintained, offering a smooth ride for cyclists.  The majority of the roads are quiet, and traffic is not a worry for cyclists, unlike many other European countries.  As a result of the huge number of riders who dominate the roads, drivers are used to sharing the roads with cyclists and are courteous and patient.  Many routes are also completely traffic free!

Terrain and Climbs

Majorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands and visiting cyclists benefit from a surprisingly diverse terrain.

In the North West, adventurous cyclists can enjoy the most mountainous region of the island with steep climbs reaching peaks up to 1445m, followed by exhilarating decants with hairpin bends.  In the South East, the rolling hills offer the Sky Team less arduous routes and the Southern coastal roads offer less challenging scenic paths used by professionals, sportives and amateurs alike. The topography provides cyclists with a myriad of challenges, and many amateur cyclists have taken inspiration from Team Sky in recent years and found that the terrain offers exciting rides for every level of fitness.


With mild winters and an average of over 300 days of sunshine a year, the climate in Majorca is excellent for cycling every month of the year.

In January and February, when the island is at its coolest, Majorca averages between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius. And, in the summer months of July and August, temperatures average 23 degrees Celsius.  For more details of the average temperature each month, please see below:

January: 16c

February: 17c

March: 18c

April: 20c

May: 23C

June: 28c

July: 30c

August: 33c

September: 27c

October: 23c

November: 18c

December: 18c

Cycle Touring In Majorca

If it’s good enough for Team Sky, it’s good enough for us here at Velo Club Europe.  If you’re still deciding where to go on holiday this year, then look no further!  For more information on the cycle tour packages we offer, contact us here.

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